Hello friends!

Welcome to Porridge and Pillao, a place where I’ll be sharing the things I love; the use of natural, whole foods transformed into worldly and satisfying dishes. I hope this blog will show you that eating more whole-foods does not have to be boring and bland, but can be exciting, delicious and yet nutritious. This blog is meant to inspire you to discover the world of flavours I know!

About the Name
The name Porridge and Pillao is inspired by my ever-lasting love for porridge, and my pillao munching boyfriend. To me “Porridge and Pillao” also has a more symbolic meaning. To me, “porridge” refers to a healthy, traditional meal, whilst “pillao” stands for an infusion and addition of different cultures. To illustrate, pillao is a dish custom in countries such as Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and India (and many more!). However, all these countries have adapted pillao and made it their own. It is so diversely cooked, that even the way to write the word is different. Whilst some may call it “pillao”, others may refer to it as “pilav”, “pallao”, “pilau”, “pillau”, “pelau”, “pulao”, “pulaav”, “palaw”, “palavu”, “plov”, “palov”, “polov”, “polo”, “polu”….. just to name a few. Therefore, I do not believe in following traditional recipes straight as they are, but experimenting with traditional recipes and making them your own. Just what I am aiming for with this blog!

About Me
My name is Charlotte, the writer behind Porridge and Pillao. Growing up I have experienced many different cultures. Although I come from Dutch parents, I was born in Botswana, whereafter we moved to Pakistan and Nepal. Travelling has always been a great part of my life. Today I am partly living and studying in the Netherlands and I am lucky that also my study course has given me the opportunity to travel the globe. During my travels, I always love to discover traditional recipes and make them my own!