The time has finally come. Today,  6th of January 2017, I have finally put up this first post on my blog. To me, this is a crazy thing, since I have been postponing this moment since July last year! As a New Years Resolution, I decided it was time to get myself together and just DO IT.

For over half a year I have been planning to start this blog, a food blog for that matter. I guess you could say I am probably the biggest food-blog-nerd you can find out here. I can lose myself for hours searching for new inspiring blogs (especially when time doesn’t permit…..). Food blogs seem to know the answers to all of my food-related questions. Don’t know what to make for dinner? Bought an ingredient and have no idea what to do with it? Want to make a special birthday gift for a beloved one? Chances are high I’d be seeking advice from the food blog world. Now, after all these years of being inspired, it’s time for me to inspire others.

As the name “Porridge and Pillao” falsely indicates, you might think this blog will only be about porridge and pillao. This is only partly true. So why the name Porridge and Pillao? To me, “porridge” stands for making healthy and traditional dishes, whilst “pillao” stands for infusing these dishes with worldly cuisines. To illustrate, pillao is a dish custom in countries such as Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and India (and many more!). However, all these countries have their own way of cooking their traditional pillao. It is so diversely cooked, that even the way to write the word is different. Whilst some may call it “pillao”, others may refer to it as “pilav”, “pallao”, “pilau”, “pillau”, “pelau”, “pulao”, “pulaav”, “palaw”, “palavu”, “plov”, “palov”, “polov”, “polo”, “polu”….. just to name a few. To come to a conclusion; you won’t only find porridge and pillao recipes on the blog. Instead, I’ll be writing about the things I love; use of natural, whole foods transformed into worldly, satisfying meals just the way I would like to eat them. You can find more information about this blog in the “About” section!

Although the blog isn’t only about porridge and pillao, you’ll probably still see a lot of porridge recipes coming along. My love for porridge has been really blooming up the last couple of months. But don’t expect the old bland milk and sugar porridge. Think middle-eastern spiced porridges cooked in coconut milk or raspberry chocolate porridges served with a range of nuts and seeds. Expect all different types of grains. Expect plenty of fruit. Expect loads of tahina and nut butters. But mostly; expect an infusion of cultures and world cuisines all mixed together in one humble bowl.

First words for a first blog. Next posts will, of course, include the recipes I have tried & tested in my own little kitchen!